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EMC Laboratory

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) gains continuously more importance in all spheres of electronics. The regulatory norms are getting tougher and that reflects in an increased development effort and in most cases higher product price.

Understanding EMC can improve the quality of your development and reduce the production costs of your product. The idea that all EMC issues are solved by using a good shielding is not necessarily wrong, but in 80% (!) of all cases this only cures the effect, not the cause. Neither galvanic separation, nor 4-layer layout are the sacred pain killer, but much more major price driver.

And there is another big problem with EMC - it is usually not seen as a function, but as a marginal add-on. From this aspect one can have an easy development, but the problem pops up shortly before the start of production. Solving it at this late stage is always related to inflated costs, and then is when the management must be involved - all comes in one word - crisis.

As usual the best problem solution is early prevention.

Our offer:

We support you from the first steps of the development process and help you avoid future problems. The existing problems will be solved by our long year experienced specialists in a very well structured and cost-effective manner. You receive a well-founded problem analysis and as a result of it a new solution proposals, which will be well-coordinated within the project boundary conditions. Give us a look at your product and at the EMC measures integrated and we would be glad to make you a proposal for decreasing the product cost with a simultaneous quality improvement.

Typical example
Have a look at a typical problem which is, unfortunately, solved in a quite expensive manner - using additional filter components, shielding etc. The lower graphics show what a small (0.2mm) copper bridge, which of course put on the right place, can cure the problem at a zero production cost!